• Sensation when gripping: YES
  • Breathability in palm area: NO
  • Slip resistance when dry/with oils: YES/partially
  • Resistance to contact heat up to 100 °C: NO
  • Resistance to permeation by oils in the palm area: selected models YES
  • Resistance to cutting: NO
  • Resistance to certain chemicals: partially YES
  • Antistatic properties: NO

AERO Exacomp® includes disposable gloves made from nitrile/vinyl. This is a copolymer characterised by properties similar to that of nitrile gloves, but thanks to the vinyl component, these gloves are cheaper overall than gloves made from 100% nitrile. The gloves are even slightly finer, and enable a perfect grip. The material is maximally adhesive to the surface of the hand, which is why they are suitable for work which requires maximum sensitivity. They have a wide variety of uses in gardening, laboratories and industry.

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