• Sensation when gripping: YES
  • Breathability in palm area: YES
  • Slip resistance when dry/with oils: YES/YES
  • Resistance to contact heat up to 100 °C: selected models YES
  • Resistance to permeation by oils in the palm area: partially
  • Resistance to cutting: selected models YES
  • Resistance to certain chemicals: NO
  • Antistatic properties: NO

The AERO® NitroSkin coating is a special revolutionary micro-foam nitrile coating, which provides excellent slip resistance when dry, wet or in contact with oil, as well as a good lifespan. AERO® NitroSkin is a particularly thin coating which serves to increase friction between the glove and the gripped object, thereby providing excellent slip resistance. On the inner side of the coating, there is a layer of micro-foam which reduces the effects of force and oils, as well as insulating the hands when in contact with hot or cold objects. The super-thin coating provides exceptional tactile sensitivity. The breathable coating provides top-class comfort for the reduction of finger fatigue.

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