• Sensation when gripping: partially
  • Breathability in palm area: NO
  • Slip resistance when dry/with oils: YES/YES
  • Resistance to contact heat up to 100 °C:  YES
  • Resistance to permeation by oils in the palm area: YES
  • Resistance to cutting: selected models YES
  • Resistance to certain chemicals: selected models YES
  • Antistatic properties: NO

The AERO® NitroSand coating is a special double nitrile coating with a sand finish, which provides perfect grip in dry, wet and oily environments, a good lifespan, and strong protection. The first smooth nitrile coating is non-breathable (a total barrier against oil, fluid and air permeation). The second surface layer is designed to increase friction between the glove and the lifted object, thereby ensuring that the glove grips it perfectly. The double coating eliminates the effect of pressure on the hands when handling hard objects, as well as insulating the hands from hot and cold objects.

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