• Sensation when gripping: YES
  • Breathability in palm area: YES
  • Slip resistance when dry/with oils: YES/partially
  • Resistance to contact heat up to 100 °C: NO
  • Resistance to permeation by oils in the palm area: NO
  • Resistance to cutting: selected models YES
  • Resistance to certain chemicals: NO
  • Antistatic properties: selected models YES

The AERO® PurtSkin coating is a special thin polyurethane coating which provides excellent grip whether dry or wet, as well as first-class dexterity.
The AERO® PurtSkin coating makes gloves more durable and flexible, as well as offering excellent sensitivity. The coating is designed to increase resistance to abrasion and tearing, and its breathable structure offers maximum comfort for the reduction of hand fatigue.

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